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7 Unexpected Things Covered By Renters Insurance

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7 Unexpected Things Covered By Renters Insurance in Ansbach

What does renters insurance cover? More than you may think.

1. Renters insurance can cover dog bites:
Jesse was completely shocked when his normally sweet dog bit his friend. She had to get stitches,” he says. “I felt terrible because it was totally unexpected; my dog had never shown any aggression before. I thought I would be responsible for all the damages.” Luckily, his renters insurance covered his friend’s medical bills — and that’s not a rarity.

2. Renters insurance can cover damage to belongings stored off-site:
One thing people don’t realize is that we cover property off-premises
In other words, your Renters insurance policy will cover your belongings in a storage located close to your rented property.

3. Renters insurance can cover travel:
We all love to travel .Let’s say your luggage is stolen while at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Guess what? Your renters insurance will cover it!

4. Renters insurance can cover relocation:
Your Renters insurance policy won’t cover the costs of a PCS, but if you have to relocate due to fire, water damage, or any other claim that makes your rented home or apartment unlivable, you should be set.

5. Renters insurance can cover theft from your car:
One of my clients had all their family’s Christmas presents stolen. They were driving out of town to celebrate the holidays with their family. Someone broke into their car and stole all the presents. Because they had purchased a good Renters insurance policy, they got reimbursements for everything they lost.

6. Renters insurance can cover the food in your fridge:
If you wake up on a Saturday morning and find that the refrigerator in your apartment stopped working overnight — leaving a mess of spoiled food in its wake — you’d probably assume you’re out of luck, especially if you’d just stocked up on goodies the day before. But before you start to make a new shopping list (and ideally after you’ve cleaned up the evidence), check in with your insurance agent: Food spoiled because of a power outage or failed appliance should be covered as personal property.

7. Renters insurance can cover waterbeds (sort of):
If your waterbed bursts or springs a leak, all that water could do major damage (to your apartment and the apartment downstairs). Typical homeowners’ and renters insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by waterbeds. But we will. So go ahead and have a good night’s sleep on a waterbed!!!

And much, much more …
Be prepared to expect the unexpected!!!

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